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FAQS - WindyPrint

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is your minimum order for custom printed balloons

Answer: Our Minimum order for custom printed balloons is 10 balloons. For other categories please refer to our home page.

2.What is your production time for personalized balloons 

Answer: Orders placed before 11am PST Monday to Thursday are printed within 24 hours. 

Orders placed on Friday are printed on Monday 

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are printed on Tuesday. 

Above-mentioned estimates are subject to change and revision based on available stock, production capacity availability and other factors beyond our control. Customers placing online orders for large quantities must check in with Customer Service first.

3.What is your production time for personalized napkins?

Answer: There are 2 production options available, standard production and 24 hour production
Standard production orders are printed in 5 days or less.
If 24Hr production option is selected, then:

Orders placed before 11am PST Monday to Thursday are printed within 24 hours. 

Orders placed on Friday are printed on Monday 

Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are printed on Tuesday. 

4.Do you have a setup charge or screen charge for custom printed balloons?
Answer: NO. There is no screen or setup charge for custom printed balloons

5.Your website says you ship in 24 hours, When will I receive my order?
Answer: 24 hour production means that if you place your order by 11:00am Monday to Thursday, your order will be printed and ready for pickup by shipping carrier within 24 hours.
Delivery depends on the shipping service you selected such as overnight, 2 day, 3 day or ground service which could take up to 6 additional days for delivery.

6.What are your business hours?
Answer: Our business days are from Monday to Friday 6am – 4pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

7. Are your balloons helium quality?
Answer: Yes our balloons are helium quality, made from 100% latex and are completely biodegradable.

8.Will the balloons be delivered inflated?
Answer: No Our balloons are packaged in poly bags and always shipped un-inflated.

9.How long do your balloons last?
Answer: Based on conservative estimates, the indoor float time for 10″ balloons is 10-14 hours. 12″ balloons 16-20 hours and 17″ balloons 24-30 hours.

10.I have a multi-color logo If I submit that with my order it would be printed as is?
Answer: No, all logos whether submitted in one color or multi-colors are by default printed in one ink color chosen by the customer when placing an order. If you want us to print a multi-colored logo then please contact customer service first for quotation, delivery estimates. 


11.Can you print 2, 3 or 4 ink color imprint on balloons?
Answer: Yes, we can print up to 4 colors on balloons. Minimum order for multi-color imprint is 1000 balloons and production time is 10 days or more. All multi-color imprint orders must be placed through customer service. We accept pc formatted vector files. Please submit color separations and a color composite black and white EPS. AI or CDR files.

12.Can you print photos on balloons?
Answer: Yes, however, photos can only be printed in BLACK INK. 

13.Will I receive equal-number of balloons per color if I ordered color assortment?
Answer: No, all assortments are randomly picked by an automated machine process and will not have equal number of balloons per color. 

  1. The deflated balloons I received appear to be of a different color than the ones I ordered?
    Answer: Some balloon colors appear to be different or darker shade when deflated. The best way to see the actual color of a balloon is to inflate the balloon properly. 

15.What countries do you ship to?
Answer:  We ship to Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and many other countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Central & South America. All international orders are printed and shipped within 24 hours regardless of quantity.
In addition, we have negotiated low international shipping rates with Fedex. Please login to estimate shipping rates to your country. 

16.What type of care would you recommend for storing balloons?
Answer: To get the longest life out of your Latex balloons they should be stored away from extreme hot or cold temperatures and away from direct sunlight. 

17.My balloons are popping when I inflate them, what’s wrong?
Answer: Always store your balloons in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight or heat Inflating balloons in cold conditions tends to stiffen the latex balloons, Balloons should be left to warm up a bit before inflating them so they wouldn’t pop due to rapid expansion from inflation.   

Another reason could be over inflating the balloons with helium or air. It is always a good idea to keep a check on how much the balloon has inflated and to not fill it up completely, leaving some room for expansion of helium. 

18.Can I make amendments to OR cancel my order after the order has been placed?
Answer: After the order has been placed, customers have exactly one hour in which they can request any changes or cancelations. 

After one hour, if the order has been produced it will be shipped out to the customer and can’t be amended or canceled at that point?

19.What is the size of the imprint area on your balloons?
Answer: The sizes of imprint areas on balloons are, 

10” is 5”X5″ 

12” is 5.5″X5.5″ 

17” is 5.75″X5.75″ 

18” is 10” x 10” 

20.I want my text to have nice fonts but I don’t know any names, can you select a nice font?
Answer: If the customer does not submit a font then our graphics department will select the most suitable font for your custom message. 

21.Do I need to resize and center all text before I submit my file 

Answer: All text submitted for custom messages is centered and resized to best fit the balloon imprint area. We try to make the text look as big as possible. It’s always a good idea to provide instructions on how text should appear, especially where multiple lines need to be printed 

22.How many lines of text can I add to the balloons
Answer: We can print multiple lines of text. Keep in mind, the more lines you have the more crowded the print area would become and it will affect text size to be much smaller.

Our graphics department advises customers if the text submitted needs to be amended to better fit the imprint areas of our balloons and napkins. 

23.Can I pick up my order from your factory
Answer: We ship all orders via UPS and FedEx only and do not accept any walk-in customers. Orders of 10,000 or more, please confirm with customer service if a pick is possible.